Andinet አንድነት (pronounced āndinet) is Amharic for unity

Are you an entrepreneur, international conglomerate, volunteer organization, or somewhere in the middle? Andinet is for you! Sign up and propel our community to a new level.

Andinet is a non-profit directory listing all black organizations, businesses, and groups across China!

Join the directory, browse around, or spread the word
together we can make this Black China’s moment to flourish!

Before you proceed please ensure you’ve followed the following steps and meet the following requirements:

Are you based in China?

Are you African  or part of the African Diaspora?

Do you or your group intend on remaining in China and being active for at least 6-12 months from today’s date?

Step 1: Deposit

In the interest of keeping the Andinet Directory up-to-date and reliable, all users are expected to pay a 10 kuai deposit. The sole purpose of this is to ensure we can keep tabs on the growth of the list and ensure that all listings are genuine (not spam).

In order to complete this requirement, please add an admin of the site on WeChat:



Once accepted, please send the payment as a hongbao with the name in the following format ‘[Your Business/Group Name][Month] eg. Black Livity China + April



Once we confirm receipt, please hit the ‘sign up’ button below and you’ll be good to go. On receipt of your deposit we’ll send you a PDF document with some handy tips on how to set up and complete your listing. It can also be downloaded here.

As soon as your listing is up and running you will be added to an Andinet WeChat group – This is for ease of communication with all listed groups and businesses about the directory . As such, anyone who is not listed should not be added.

Every 6 months we will check the status of your business, organisation to ensure that the list is kept relevant and up to date.

Should you choose to remove your listing, please contact us at and your deposit will be refunded within 48 hours.

Proceed below!