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Black Livity China Co-Founder


RunakoCelina is the co-founder of Black Livity China and an avid content creator. Her writings have been featured on CGTN, ChinAfrican magazine and SupChina, amongst others. She holds an MA in International Politics from Peking University and currently lives and works in Beijing.  She frequently writes on cultural continuation in Caribbean enclaves across the region, as well as exploratory research pieces on the African presence in South East Asia. Her latest research project ‘The Batek’, details Batek (Afro-descendant, original peoples of Malay Peninsula) history and cultural practices having spent two weeks living with two separate Batek communities belonging to this ethnic group. Her interest in the unification of the entire African and African diasporic community has since led her to branch into the world of social enterprise and cultural exchange, intent on bridging the gap between these communities.   A language enthusiast, Runako is fond of the study and promotion of African languages having studied Swahili and Yoruba during her graduate studies. She is now tasking herself with learning Ga – and Amharic…if Hannah will teach her.

‘To talk about Pan-Africanism is to talk about international solidarity within the black world…whichever sector of the black world we live in, we have a series of responsibilities. One of the most important is to define our own situation. A second responsibility is to present that definition to the other parts of the black world…A third responsibility…is to help others in a different section of the black world to reflect on their own specific experience’.

Walter Rodney


Africans in China: A Step Towards Unity

One of the things I’m proudest of this year is  actively seeking routes to harmony amongst Africans and people of African descent.
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