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Black China: Where friends become family

Sadly, we have been sold the idea of love as something that mainly exists in a romantic relationship. Media conglomerates constantly push the fairy-tale...

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Black Girl Blues: How we cope with mental health in China

Black girls and women talk about our health all the time – the latest trends on exercise and nutrition are popular topics of conversation....

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An Era of Firsts: Five African Countries Compete at the Basketball World Cup in China

by Hannah Getachew From football to athletics to basketball and to boxing, sport has long held an important role amongst young Africans. For many, sport...

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President Xi read my letter – and he replied!

by Hannah Getachew                                           ...

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The African Union as a unifying force for cooperation with the Belt and Road Initiative

By Hannah Getachew China’s Belt and Road Initiative has risen to the spotlight since it was announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013. Within...

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