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From Ebola to N-Coronavirus, “this too shall pass”

The desolation that comes with novel diseases appears to be stoic of one’s surroundings. This is a case of my experience in two different environments affected by two various conditions, respectively, at different points in time. I am from Liberia, a country of about 4.73 million people located on the West Coast of Africa. Like […] More

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New film builds bridges between African diaspora

A Bajan movie, about a Jamaican doctor, with Ghanaian roots and a talented cast boasting stars from ALL three nations, is being premiered across the world and has been met with rave reviews. The new feature-length movie, Joseph, is an African diasporic vision of unity that we should all be proud of. With both […] More

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A Students’ Peek into Coronavirus Safety at Chinese Universities

Foreign students from different universities across China are showing a good base mutual understanding, cooperation and sending messages of support to China and Wuhan in particular by being creative, using talent and composure to be part of the battle against Coronavirus. I conducted a mini-research project to find out about the arrangement taken by local […] More

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In the words of: Clenora Hudson-Weems

Clenora Hudson-Weems, born 23 July 1945, is an African American activist for gender equality within oppressive systems, author and academic. She argues against the applicability of feminism, Black feminism and other paradigms, calling them unsuitable for women of African descent as they neglect the daily lives of Africana women and how they relate to their […] More

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6 things you didn’t know about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With all the information circulating about Coronavirus, we have become familiar with the main concepts, but here are six things some people don’t know about the virus. 1. Its medical name is COVID-19 Although commonly referred to as Coronavirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) has named the virus COVID-19. CO – stands for corona VI […] More

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Life on Lockdown: ‘customers are immensely supportive’, Robert

The Coronavirus lockdown isn’t easy on anyone… But in this series, we take a look at the positive ways in which some across the community are spending their time on lockdown. Let’s continue to keep those affected by the Coronavirus most in our thoughts. Robert Joseph, Ghana, Guangzhou My message to China and everyone affected […] More

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Life on Lockdown: Shared Sistahood

The Coronavirus lockdown isn’t easy on anyone… But in this series, we take a look at the positive ways in which some across the community are spending their time on lockdown. Let’s continue to keep those affected by the Coronavirus most in our thoughts.Kristie Baiden, Ghana, BeijingMy message to China and everyone affected by the […] More

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How best should we respond to viral racist videos?

How best do we, as a community, handle incidents like the one shared widely across WeChat and other platforms by our brother WodeMaya? Needless to say, we are all angry about the mistreatment of our continent, communities and people. Over the past week alone we have seen racism and related offences rear their ugly heads […] More

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Life on Lockdown: Online Int. Business Corner for Entrepreneurs

The Coronavirus lockdown isn’t easy on anyone… But in this series, we take a look at the positive ways in which some across the community are spending their time on lockdown. Let’s continue to keep those affected by the Coronavirus most in our thoughts. Rice I. Kajila, DR Congo, Wuhan My message to China and […] More

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Africa’s first confirmed case of Coronavirus

News that offers little comfort to Africans at home and abroad – the first case of Coronavirus on the continent has been confirmed.On 14 February, Egypt became the first African country to report a confirmed case of Coronavirus. A spokesperson for the Health Ministry, Khaled Megahed, said that tests were run on someone suspected to […] More

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In the words of: Frederick Douglass

Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey (today known as Frederick Douglass) was born around 1818 into slavery in Talbot County, Maryland. After learning to read, a skill that was illegal for the enslaved, Douglass soon began to share his newfound knowledge with other enslaved people, eventually attracting crowds of more than 40 per time. Before long, Douglass […] More

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Black China: Where friends become family

Sadly, we have been sold the idea of love as something that mainly exists in a romantic relationship. Media conglomerates constantly push the fairy-tale heteronormative love story that magically fulfils every need of each individual. On Valentine’s Day, it comes to a head and romantic love is celebrated above all else. But we need to […] More

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Will There Soon Be A ‘New Dawn’ for Wuhan?

The Coronavirus Chronicles The dormitory apartments hosting over a thousand international students at Wuhan University (WuDa) are all but empty now. Most students have now gone back to their various home countries – evacuated by their governments…if they can manage to get past the quarantine measures.  The governments of India, Korea, Mauritius, Morocco, France, U.S.A. […] More

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Creating a table of her own: Deatra Branston’s Creative Start

From being type-casted to being shut out of high-profile roles, Black actors and actresses across the world from Lupita to Octavia Spencer, have spoken up about their struggles in the film industry. While some have forged ahead and demanded a seat at the proverbial table, others have instead chosen to create a table of their […] More

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Meet The Togolese brothers standing brave in the face of Coronavirus

Changzhou city, in Jiangsu Province in Eastern-Central China, is where Badou and Chris, two Togolese nationals who have called the prefecture-level city home for three years, are finishing another day assisting a local hospital in the fight against Coronavirus. Black Livity China spoke to the pair to thank them for their hard work, find out […] More

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Opinion: Africans, why rush back home?

First, I would like to let people know that this opinion is personal and I don’t speak on behalf of any group or institution. The question here is, should African students and expats be repatriated? My answer is “no”. The choice is hard to make and the truth is ugly to face. At this point, […] More

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Black History Month Expanded

While we all find ways to cope with our different degrees of ‘lockdown’, in honour of Black History Month, we’ve teamed up with Xiamen-based community organization Pan-Afrikans Today to invite members of the community to share on what Black History Month means to you. Who inspires you most? Is there an element of Black history […] More

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Life on Lockdown: ‘I’m staying creative’, says PhD student Obai

The lockdown isn’t easy on anyone…But in this series, we take a look at the positive ways in which some across the community are spending their time on lockdown. Let’s continue to keep those affected by the Coronavirus in our thoughts. Obai, Sierra Leone, Nanjing ‘Being on lockdown has definitely positively impacted my creativity’ Doctoral […] More

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Coronavirus cases suspected in 3 African countries – what we know so far

Why Ethiopia Holds the key to Africa’s fight against Coronavirus The recent outbreak of the coronavirus which has claimed 106 lives in China and hospitalised nearly 5000 people worldwide has put the world on edge. Although the majority of these cases are in China, as fears of more contamination spreads and hysteria builds,  many countries […] More

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Why the ‘Black Nod’ exists in China too

I am a young Caribbean woman, currently a student in China. My first year in China I was still struggling to acclimatise not just my body but also my mind to a very, very different world. Sometimes, just seeing another face which looked like mine was a small ray of sunshine on a clichéd cloudy […] More

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Black Wall Street in China encourages Real Estate Investment

Being Black in China comes with countless challenges. For some, money management is one of the biggest. There are multiple moving parts to consider when it comes to revenue streams, expenses and investment options. Luckily China is home to Black Wall Street, a group dedicated to encouraging our community to invest and take our collective […] More

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The Dilemma of Chinese Gold Miners in Ghana

Ghana’s Gold Endowment and the Involvement of Chinese Miners Ghana is endowed with vast reserves of natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable. As the second largest gold miner in Africa, behind South Africa, Ghana is famous for its gold production and was once named the ‘Gold Coast’ because of the abundance of gold. Between 1493-1600, […] More

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Ntare Rushatsi – The Lion and The Sheep

From award shows to online platforms such as Netflix, African cinema has been making strides over the last few years, and the world of African animation is no different! On Saturday the 7th of December, the Burundian Students Association of Beijing and Black Livity China invite you to celebrate this success with NIFLOOF’s Motion Pictures, […] More

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Black Girl Blues: How we cope with mental health in China

Black girls and women talk about our health all the time – the latest trends on exercise and nutrition are popular topics of conversation. When the need arises, we also talk about physical illnesses with relative comfort. If a loved one falls sick, we know the right words and actions that will provide comfort and […] More

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From Bed-Stuy to Beijing: Unapologetically Black in China

When a black female Educator and now Ambassador-At-Large with UN special Consultative Status for NGO’s (ECOSOC) from New York City writes a book, in particular one with a title as unique as ‘From Bed-Stuy to Beijing: Unapologetically Black in China’, people notice. News of Her Excellency (H.E.) Dr. Cheroll Dossett’s novel has spread from black […] More

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From ideas to implementation: Group economics for a Growing Black China

A collaborative piece by Bénédicte King, Hannah Getachew, and Runako Celina Bernard-Stevenson “A race that is solely dependent upon another for its economic existence  sooner or later dies.” – The Honorable Marcus Garvey At its core, group economics refers to an economic strategy where members of a community trade internally as a means to circulate money amongst […] More

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