Heiritage, taken from the Chinese word ‘Hei’, meaning Black, and the English word Heritage is a unique archive preserving the visual/photographic history of African, Caribbean, Afro-latinx and Black other people in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

This is incredibly important to our mission – we document the experiences of Black people both in China and in relation to China.

Where better to start this mission than by understanding and exploring the historic engagements of our communities with China?

Are you of African descent and were you in China prior to 2010? This could have been for tourism, study, work or anything else. We want to hear from you!


Read on for more on how to send your submissions our way!


Ready to submit? Great!

Step 1: Download the declaration form below

2. Send it along with your scanned photos to: heiritage@blacklivitychina.com, giving as much detail about the image as possible and adhering to size requirements (detailed in the checklist above)

In China and need some assistance getting your photo scanned? Email us at the address above.