Black Livity China is made possible by these exceptional people… A special thank you to these contributors

Celia Kayo

General Advisor, Black Livity China

Celia is a recent graduate from the Peking University School of International Studies, where she earned a Bachelor of Laws with a major in International Political Economics. Her academic and professional interests couldn’t be better suited to her character. She is the first of five children born to her Chinese mother and Burundian father. Unlike many cross-cultural children, Celia is fully immersed in both cultures and identifies equally with Burundi and China.

Whilst at Peking University, Celia tapped into her international background and served as a community leader of several activities. For the 2015-2016 academic year she was the President of the Peking University African Students Association (PUASA). A firm advocate in Pan-African development, she continued to work for PUASA as the Newsletter Editor in the following academic year.

Through a life-time of international exposure she is bilingual in Mandarin and English, and speaks Kirundi fluently. She has taught English to multiple students and hosted English TV channels for Startimes Media.

Celia is continuing her academic pursuits through her current enrollment at the Beijing-based University of International Business and Economics (UIBE). Soon she will hold a Masters of International Business from UIBE and intends to transfer her knowledge to the private sector.

Bénédicte Kinkolo

General Advisor, Black Livity China


Bénédicte is a recent graduate from Peking University and Sciences-Po Paris, she holds a Master’s degree in Economic Development and a Master’s of Law. Although French and Congolese, she’s called home New York, London, and Seoul, amidst a few cities. She has recently moved back to Paris after one year living in Beijing but she is already looking to come back to China, this time not to study but to work.


Her interests surround economic development, China-Africa relations and energy issues. Although 22, she has had experiences working for large multi-national energy companies, international organizations as well as small NGOs in Asia and in Europe.


A story-teller in her spare time, Bénédicte holds a website where she recounts stories from her travels through photographs.


You can find Bénédicte here:

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Emmanuel N Kyeyune

Technical Advisor, Black Livity China


Emmanuel is a Ugandan software developer who’s lived, studied and worked in Beijing for nearly a decade.


He obtained his BEng in Communications Engineering from Beijing University of Chemical Technology and his MEng in Information Systems from Beihang University. He’s worked in various roles for a number of tech start-ups that span multiple industries.


When he is not spending most of his time going through movie lists trying to become a film connoisseur, he can be found either sleeping, deep diving on Wikipedia or hanging out with good people who like to eat.


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