Alfee M

Alfee is currently conducting research as a PhD student in China

Chika Mora

Chika Mora is a Nigeria-American educator and entrepreneur. After her two-year fellowship lecturing at China Foreign Affairs University, she returned to her work as an early childhood educator. Her creative spirit and love for business led her to start What’s Good Beijing? an events and visual media platform. Since its start in 2017 she has dedicated herself to expanding people’s view of what is possible in Beijing by showing them all the amazing things that are already happening! Get in touch on WeChat, ID: ChikaMora

Jeshurun R. Mprah

Jeshurun R. Mprah is a postgraduate Pathophysiology student of Xuzhou Medical University. He holds a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences from the University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ghana, certificates in; Public Achievement from the Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship of Augsburg University, USA; Civil Society Organization Management from the Regional Learning Centre of YALI-West Africa and a Graduate of the Mike Oladipo Global Influence (MOGi) training on Business, Leadership and Impact. He is the founder of Hephz Impact Network, a Social Entrepreneur and Career and Leadership Development Coach. Richard also served as the Country Ambassador for Better Me Beta Africa Ghana Consular Office, an Advisory Committee Member on the SGDs for Abibiman Foundation. Jeshurun had previously worked with LIFE-MAC Network Foundation as a Leadership and Career Development coach, EmethLove Foundation as its first interim Registrar, ReadNetwork Gh as a literacy coach and as a freelance consultant for African Empowerment of Careers, an upcoming Sierra Leone – based NGO. He has over 7 years experience in student leadership and two years in non-profit sector. He is a youth empowerment enthusiast who dreams of empowering the youth to take up the responsibilities of leadership in their countries, workplaces, schools and in all walks of life. His favourite quote is “Transforming the society is our sacred responsibility. Impacting lives is the vital essence of our existence.”

Faith Kate Tomah

Faith is a Liberian Msc candidate of Management Science and Engineering at the Beijing University of Astronautics

Hagan Sibiri

Hagan Sibiri is a Ghanaian currently pursuing Doctoral program in International Politics at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University, Shanghai.

Hannah Getachew

Passionate about environmental affairs and Pan-Africanism, Hannah has dedicated her professional, academic, and personal endeavours to ensuring sustainable global development through commercial, legal and other means.


Ibrahim TOURE is a Malian who currently resides in Beijing, China. Ibrahim is a student at the French international of Beijing and he’s a member of the CVL team in his school. This status allows him to make impactful decisions for the life of other students in his school.

Inès Forman

Inès Forman is a French Caribbean who lived and taught in Beijing where she became interested in Sino-African/Caribbean relations. She holds a dual Masters in international politics from Sciences Po Paris and Beijing University. Inès believes in the power of storytelling to highlight and legitimize a community’s realities and is currently working on a novel that explores the black experience in China.

Jasmine Meriwether

Jasmine Simone Meriwether, 28, Tennessee USA. Jasmine attended MTSU where she attained her B.S. in Electronic Mass Communication: TV & Radio. “Writing is the skill of transferring thoughts into words.” Follow me on Instagram: JasmineMeriwether

Kevin Okai

I am Kevin Okai, A Guangzhou based Ghanaian photographer and videographer who is self-taught and has a passion for capturing moments and memories as they come by. I specialize in portraiture, lifestyle, documentaries and commercial services. As an avid listener, I believe we all have our stories to tell and what better way to tell it than to document it with enticing images and visuals?

Lerato Mathibe

Lerato Mathibe is a South-African born artist of life, social justice activist and author of ‘Baby Steps’ an anthology of poetry. She currently resides in Sichuan, China, where she teaches English. She is a Masters candidate in Gender Studies in Education. Connect with her on Instagram @leratomathibe

Michelle Allyshia Belle

I have been a writer long before I came to accept the title to describe myself. My name is Michelle Allyshia Belle, and I was born and raised in the alluring Caribbean island of The Commonwealth of Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic). The vibrancy, colorfulness and rhythm of the Caribbean, together with the rich roots of my African ancestry, added to life experiences all heavily season my writing. Studying abroad in the Orient has also undoubtedly opened my eyes to a vast kaleidoscope of people, cultures and encounters. I consider myself a youth advocate, and I am passionate about the mitigation of social ills, especially those which affect youth, women and the disadvantaged. I am currently pursuing a degree in Psychology, and simultaneously navigating through the vagaries of life as a young, black woman – capturing my thoughts, fantasies, hopes and fears uniquely through writing – and loving every bit of it!

Nancy Boledi Monnya

Nancy is a teacher and mother of a four-year-old daughter who she is homeschooling. She resides in Beijing and is an avid writer, reader and teacher

Natasha F-E

Natasha is a Black British woman who studied in Shanghai during her year abroad from her UK university. She currently studies Chinese and International Development and is planning to move back to Asia after graduation to become a Chinese to English translator. She hopes to continue writing about her life experiences and her time in China. She is a singer, writer and slightly obsessed with cooking.

Tilahun Kefyalew

Tilahun Kefyalew is an Ethiopian medical student at Chifeng Medical University in Inner Mongolia.

Natnael Taddesse

I am an Ethiopian self-taught photographer and Videographer currently studying Business Administration in China. I consider myself a travel enthusiast who is curious to learn about political culture and is seeking truth from facts in Africa-China relations

Olivia Nadine

Olivia Nadine is a baker and a social entrepreneur from Washington DC.

Pat M

Pat is a Jamaican native English teacher in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province

Patience Handful Dalieh

Patience Handful Dalieh is from Liberia. She is acquiring her Master's degree in Communication and Journalism from Wuhan University, School of International Education.

Runako Celina

Runako Celina is the co-founder of Black Livity China. She holds an MA in International Politics and African Studies from Peking University. She spent two years working for China's largest Digital TV platform broadcasting in African countries and currently lives and works in Beijing. During her time at Peking University, she sat on the committee for the Peking University Africa Think Tank.

Nii Ala Russell Adjei

Nii Ala Russell Adjei is an architect from Accra, Ghana whose work can already be seen on 3 continents. He is currently continuing his architecture studies in the highly competitive Tsinghua University program which is currently globally ranked among the top 10 best architecture schools in the world. When he is not designing, in his free time he likes to write about the challenges facing his people. While some may consider him a Pan-Africanist, he considers himself to be more of a Nkrumaist. He believes that today’s generation needs to educate themselves more about the precolonial history of Africa so that they may become not only stronger and more confident, but also independent and completely free from imperialism.

Saron Tamerat

Saron Tamerat is an Ethiopian who has lived in Guangzhou, China for 5 years. A self-proclaimed book worm; she has a degree in International Economics and Trade and is interested in the burgeoning Sino-Africa relations. She has previously served as the president of the African Student Association at the South China University of Technology and has worked with the African-Guangdong Business Association.

Shauna Reeves

Shauna Reeves is a Jamaican native currently living and teaching in China creating her own version of "eat, pray, love". A young woman with a curious mind as well as a passionate reader; this is Shauna's first foray into writing. The gift of gab and storytelling is one of those skills passed down from her dad, who used to regale the family with many lores.


A fun loving makeup and history enthusiast who has a passion for sharing and discussion.

Willy Munenguni

Willy is a Namibian human rights activist, author of scholastic articles, public speaker, IT technician and former teacher based in Nantong, Jiangsu.

Yolanda Ajak

With a Hons. BA in International Political Economy and Indigenous Studies Yolanda Ajak spent several years building her career in the non-profit sector in Canada before relocating to Beijing in 2015. With an interest in Social Media and content writing Yolanda enjoys writing poetry, personal development pieces and covering events in Beijing. A natural rising talent in the field of Communications, Yolanda is also an aspiring photographer. She also has a creative blog with a multicultural twist that intersects travel photography and stories with a mix of poetry and self development.