Michelle Allyshia Belle

I have been a writer long before I came to accept the title to describe myself. My name is Michelle Allyshia Belle, and I was born and raised in the alluring Caribbean island of The Commonwealth of Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic). The vibrancy, colorfulness and rhythm of the Caribbean, together with the rich roots of my African ancestry, added to life experiences all heavily season my writing. Studying abroad in the Orient has also undoubtedly opened my eyes to a vast kaleidoscope of people, cultures and encounters. I consider myself a youth advocate, and I am passionate about the mitigation of social ills, especially those which affect youth, women and the disadvantaged. I am currently pursuing a degree in Psychology, and simultaneously navigating through the vagaries of life as a young, black woman – capturing my thoughts, fantasies, hopes and fears uniquely through writing – and loving every bit of it!

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