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In 2007, the Caribbean Association in China was established to support and represent the needs of the Caribbean nationals living in China and to create a platform through which Caribbean nationals could get together and promote the culture of the region in China.

This has been primarily based in Shanghai and was originally started by ten Jamaicans and one Bahamian  (the original plan was to start a Jamaican Association).  The Jamaicans unanimously decided to postpone the Jamaican Association and instead started the Caribbean  Association so as to incorporate the minority group of other Caribbean Nationals residing in the city.

Twelve  years later on November 30th 2019, the official Jamaican Association China (JAC) was formed.

Currently, there is a wide and diverse cross section of Jamaicans living in China. At the most recent count we have over 600 Jamaicans both professionals and students living in China. At the same time there are several groups interested in deepening the linkages between these Jamaicans residing abroad and those at home both from personal and professional perspectives. Due to the small number Jamaicans and their wide dispersion across China it has been a challenge to provide one platform or structured centralized support for the Jamaicans living in China. In the absence of a central entity providing oversight, both the nationals and those groups interested in Jamaica have oftentimes acted independently of each other, although they have similar objectives.

Cocktail Reception hosted for the Prime Minister of Jamaica and his Delegation on the historical occasion of his first visit to China – November 2019.
To this end, one of the priorities of the JAC is to connect and enhance communication and mobilization among Jamaican organizations including the embassy and the government at home and Jamaicans living in China. All Jamaicans in the Diaspora and their supporters are encouraged to become more engaged and to participate in the historic, timely and visionary unleashing of the unbounded potential of the Jamaican community.
The principal goals of the Jamaican Diaspora – China are:
(1) Strengthen the links and support systems between Jamaicans residing in China and those at home;
(2) Deepen the collaboration and cooperation between the stakeholder groups that serve them; and
(3) Facilitate and increase the scope and impact of the contribution of the Diaspora to the development of Jamaicans at home and abroad.
The JAC Exec is primarily based in Shanghai  and supported by Province Leaders assigned to groups of Jamaicans located in 20+ provinces across China.


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