Conscious Africans Network (C.A.N)

Conscious Africans Network (C.A.N)


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CAN is a small group established in May 2017. It has members from almost all 55 countries of Africa and others of African descent. We call it the microcosm of the African Union (AU). Its members include businessmen and women, expatriates, teachers and students. The idea of this group is to bring Africans in Beijing and beyond together for the purpose of articulating common goals and action plans aimed at impacting real political and economic changes back home in Africa.

As Africans in the Diaspora, we take it as our duty to harness our resources from outside and push them inside to make significant advancements.

As a non-profit group, we aim to unite all Africans in China for the purpose of telling our own narratives, push for real political and economic improvements in our various countries in the region and to ensure we are law-abiding and true ambassadors of Africa here in China.

This group meets every last Saturday of every month to deliberate and brainstorm on critical and pressing matters as they relate to the continent. Meetings are always held from 7pm to 10pm and minutes of meetings/pictures/videos are posted in the official website of the group.

CAN is building towards becoming a self reliant African group through its own human and economic pool. CAN’s vision is to build an African community connected by a common goal and purpose which is to help build strong institutions in Africa, help accelerate economic developments, help build business alliances and partnerships for Africa, help build a sustainable and working social welfare in Africa and ultimately, help build communities in which we will all return to someday to live, work or enjoy retirement. Mission:

CAN’s mission is to harness and engage the intellectual, financial, philanthropic and entrepreneurial capacity of Africans in China and friends of Africa in support of economic and social development across Africa and the different communities we live in.

Our values as a group are:
1. Self Determination: We believe that the people of Africa must be the drivers, and leaders of development in their communities. When Africans make decisions about resources, priorities, plans, and accountability, African countries will experience meaningful and lasting change.

2. Dignity: We believe that everyone, regardless of their social and economic position, has value and inherent worth. We support efforts that build on the strength of communities, and work to ensure all people are given opportunities to realize their full potential.

3. Strength-Based: We affirm and build on the strengths, assets, and opportunities of Africans. Across the continent, we see hope, innovation, and possibility spearheaded by Africans. We identify these most promising solutions and give them a platform to excel.

4. Community: We believe in the power of community action to drive long-term change. We offer a platform for Africans from different parts of the continent to pool their resources, voice, and skills together for a common goal.



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