Cameroonians Students’ Association in China (CSAC / AECC)

Cameroonians Students’ Association in China (CSAC / AECC)


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A brief introduction of the Cameroonian Student Association in China CSAC
1- What is the CSAC (Cameroonian Student Association in China)
Created in January 25, 1997 in Beijing, the Cameroonian Student Association in China (CSAC) is a non-profit organization. It was created with the aim of:
– Facilitate exchanges between Cameroonian students and the Cameroonian Embassy in China
– Bringing together Cameroonian students and trainees
– Helping Cameroonian students to solve some/certain academic problem
– Promote Cameroonian culture in China.

2- Community life
Each community organizes its own activities which are sometimes supported by the executive committee or the Cameroonian Embassy. Each community with the collaboration of their different universities organizes cultural days in order to give the opportunity to all the world to get a better idea of the African culture and more precisely that of Cameroon. On the occasion, he presented and shared culinary specialties, it is exposed traditional dresses and tourist and historical sites of the different regions of our country and it is presented the figures / personalities who make the pride of Cameroon on a national and international scale. It is also an opportunity to introduce visitors to our traditional dance steps. …

3- The General Assembly
It is the biggest event organized by the Cameroonian Student Association in China. It gathers all the Cameroonian students living in China. During the General Assembly, many academic topics related to student are discussed, friendship and the spirit of solidarity are also accentuated.
The 22nd edition, this year’s General Assembly will be host by the Beijing community from the 12th to 14th July. This year like previous ones, members are invited to participate massively for a yearly communion. It’s also involve different sponsorships and donors to whom we are grateful and appreciate their firmly support toward this. For this edition/that is why, we solicit your participation, either in the form of donations of materials, technical assistance, or in the form of financial assistance.

Changsha 2016

Nanjing 2017

Jinhua 2018

4- Miss
A few years ago, the General Assembly launched the Miss CSAC election in China. There are four of them. Miss CSAC is the one who is a priori a member of the law and de facto with the CSAC through the CSAC community and is unanimous, for all participants in the General Assembly, from the point of view of physical, moral and intellectual beauty and its dynamism.

5- About the coming General Assembly
The next general assembly is more grandiose. This through activities like:
– Election of Miss CSAC 2019,
– Football tournament,
– Sightseeing,
– Conferences,
– Launch of the magazine,
– Election of the new bureau and
– Gala party.
Of course it is a rich occasion for advertising opportunities.
We cannot end up this review without expressing every sponsor our gratitude.
6- How to participate
For the different members, it is:
– pay membership fees both to their home communities and directly to CSAC
– pay transportation costs to and from the venue chosen to host the event.
For the sponsors, it is to manifest itself through a support of any nature which are needed and in return to benefit from a publicity communication according to the arrangement agreed with the office of CSAC

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