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Carnisa Berry is the founder of Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching, where she helps her clients realize that the life of their dreams is just a thought away. She earned her Coaching Certification from World Coach Institute. Understanding that your thoughts lead to your decisions, and your decisions create your destiny, Carnisa uses emotional awareness to help her clients challenge thoughts and beliefs that are keeping them from the life they want. Her coaching process assists clients with clarifying their intentions and purpose in life. She is passionate about helping healthy relationships because she realizes that your relationships affect every area of your life, including health, finances, and your work environment.

Carnisa has authored two books, Think Your Way to a Better Marriage and 5 Ways to Conquer Fear. She wrote her first book, Think Your Way… after experiencing one of the most difficult times in her life and marriage. The tools and strategies in this book are how she overcame that time. Now, she teaches these tools and strategies in private coaching sessions and in workshops to help others live a more fulfilled life.

Currently, she is living in Beijing, China, with her husband of over 20 years and two of their three children. Since living in China, she has spoken on many platforms, worked as a Counselor at an international school, where, she provided group and individual sessions to students, parents and staff. Carnisa currently offers seminars, workshops, and retreats regularly.

She is available for motivational speaking, private transformational workshops, retreats, and private coaching.


Testimonials about Berry Thoughtful Coaching:

“I’ve been working with Ms. Berry for over six months and I have to say, it’s has been the most inspirational and transformational six months I’ve ever experienced. I finally see myself. I finally understood my thoughts, my motivations, and my story. With Carnisa’s help, I’ve began to live intentionally. My story has a new narrative of truth now.” – Quynh

“When I came back to Beijing 1 year ago I felt very sad, depressed, and stuck. I didn’t want to be here, I cried a lot and felt like everything was hopeless, my life was hopeless. All my children were in school and I would be alone and faced to face with the reality of my sadness. A doctor told me about Carnisa and I reached out to her. During our first meeting she told me, “On the other side of fear is your happiness.” That was enough. I signed up for her program and it took me a while, but I did it! My life is so great now! I am happy person, doing what I was meant to do. Carnisa helped me to gain the strength to stop being a victim and live my life. I’m truly and forever grateful.” – Kelly

“Carnisa is able to help her clients reach the depths of their soul/being and challenge their truths and revive them to who they are meant to be. This process clarifies their intentions and lead them to their purpose in life.” – Titi Hill, Counselor

Testimonials about Berry Thoughtful Workshops

“Thank you for the A-Ha moments and explaining the difference between significance and love and connection. It helped me better understand my relationship with my father.”

“Thank you for giving me multiple lightbulb moments! Helping me understand and how I’m stuck and how to get out is wonderful.”

Thank you so much for this workshop. It was so helpful. I know my next steps to fight my fear.”



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