Hannah Getachew and Runako Celina 

Co-founders, Black Livity China

Black Livity China is hosted by two women bound by the ties of African Sisterhood. Our co-founders, Runako and Hannah, chose to write eachother’s bios. Read them here


Our Mission


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Black Livity China would not be possible without the tireless efforts of our contributors

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Bénédicte Kinkolo

General Advisor, Black Livity China

Bénédicte is a recent graduate from Peking University and Sciences-Po Paris, she holds a Master’s degree in Economic Development and a Master’s of Law. Read more here

Celia Kayo

General Advisor, Black Livity China

 Celia is a recent graduate from the Peking University School of International Studies, where she earned a Bachelor of Laws with a major in International Political Economics. Her academic and professional interests couldn’t be better suited to her character. Read more here

Emmanuel N Kyeyune

Technical Advisor, Black Livity China

Emmanuel is a Ugandan software developer who’s lived, studied and worked in Beijing for nearly a decade. Read more here

Guest Writers

Our Guest Writers contribute one-off pieces to Black Livity China, keeping Black Livity China representative of the entire China community.  

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Yolanda Ajak

With a Hons. BA in International Political Economy and Indigenous Studies Yolanda Ajak spent several years building her career in the non-profit sector in Canada before relocating to Beijing in 2015. Read more here


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