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Reparations row rages online

Reparations row rages online

Dr Wenyuan Wu, Executive Director of the Californians for Equal Rights Foundation has denounced being “targeted” by Black American netizens unhappy with her stance on reparations.

In an NBC 7 News segment, Dr Wenyuan Wu, told the station “The biggest issues we have with this report are really how effective the recommendations and proposals can really help close down these gaps”.

Source: Youtube/CFER

The group have now uploaded the interview to YouTube, entitling it ‘Reparations Perpetuate Divisive Race-Based Policymaking’.

But Netizens unhappy with this representation have taken to Twitter to air their frustrations, some using the hashtag #Wherewereyouwu:

Wu has since taken to Twitter alleging she has been flooded with messages and posts from netizens who oppose her comments, including a Twitter Spaces 7hrs in length and attended by some 283 people.

The debate has sparked difference responses, with one tweeter responding “Well, respectfully, it’s a bit insensitive to tell a group of people that them wanting to be compensated is divisive after generations as the brunt of divisive policies & disenfranchisement when not controlling their existence within this country”.

The conversation comes as California explores reparations in a historic step towards making amends for the past and recent inequalities.

The 500-page interim report was issued by the First-in-the-Nation Task Force to Study Reparations for African Americans. It raises 170 years of “segregation, racial terror, harmful racist neglect” and describes in extensive detail how ‘“atrocities in nearly every sector of civil society have inflicted harms, which cascade over a lifetime and compound over generations, resulting in the current wealth gap between Black and white Americans”.

The interim report was supervised by Michael Newman, Senior Assistant Attorney General of California Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Enforcement attorneys, including Deputy Attorney General Xiyun Yang, Legal Assistant Francisco Balderram also worked on the report.

A second report is due to be delivered to lawmakers next year.

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