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Introducing Factually

Introducing Factually

If you’re new here, you probably don’t yet know that at Black Livity China, we love a play on words. A (chaotic) marriage of languages.

We’ve got Africa & Caribbean视角, Diaspora角落, 黑Heiritage and now we’re introducing Factually, Factqilai or Fact起来. Factually is our new fact-checking initiative which seeks to rise up the facts, and further the conversation around authentic, trust-worthy Africa-China, Black-China topics..

We’ll be debunking and providing context behind some of the viral stories online, and amongst our communities. Think WhatsApp aunties and Twitter threads, and IG posts and WeChat rumours (Black in China folk, you’ll know what we mean!)

Why ‘qilai /起来’?

When you hear ‘Qilai’,you might think of the famous African American singer Paul Robeson’s rendition of the Chinese patriotic anthem Qilai/Cheelai

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If you’ve lived in China, or studied Chinese, you might also think of the semesters spent trying to understand the grammatical uses of qilai as a directional complement – (we’re still trying to grasp it 🤦)

For us, it’s a call to action to rise up the facts, and encourage conversation that brings them to the forefront.

We also think this content is useful in gauging how our communities are feeling about topics in this space.


Check out our first piece in this area, on the online fury around a viral clip of a fire allegedly started by Jamaicans angry at a discriminatory door policy at the venue

If you’d like to suggest stories for us to cover, or have found our content helpful, please reach out to us

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