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Top gaming company invests in diversity training

Top gaming company invests in diversity training

This year Kente & Silk & Black Livity China partnered on something special! In an effort to bring about meaningful change and deeper cultural understanding we led our very first diversity awareness program in Beijing. Entitled, “Introduction to a racial bias in gaming”, the training workshop saw us engage FunPlus China employees around issues of representation in the gaming world.

The project was made possible by the recommendation of Eric Olander of The China Africa Project, and culminated in the creation of a program entirely from scratch, designed collaboratively between Kente & Silk and our team at Black Livity China (BLC).

We commend FunPlus for taking this conscious step forward as they continue to soar as one of the most ground-breaking and successful gaming companies in the world and we hope this serves as an example to us all of the tangible actions that we can take to better achieve representation in gaming.

With thanks to Miatta Momoh & Runako Celina (Program leads), Ines Forman (researcher), Joseph O. Mendo’o (workshop presenter)
and content translators Ayo Michaels and Enon 郭一君Guo Yijun

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