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China’s Nigerian community express solidarity with #ENDSARS

China’s Nigerian community express solidarity with #ENDSARS

Scores of Nigerians at home and abroad have been protesting against police brutality in the country this month, drawing support and solidarity from across the world. But for those in China the impossibility of physical protest paired with their distance from home has led to frustration. How do you offer support to your homeland when you’re thousands of miles away from home?

Justina Alaja, a barrister based in Beijing explains that a group ‘Hope for Nigeria’ has been established with many exploring the possibility of donating to those leading the movement at home.

In the absence of the chance to join the movement on the ground, below are a collection of their thoughts, frustrations and feelings around #ENDSARS and their hopes for a better Nigeria.

Barr. Justina Alaja

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR HANDS?” – Barrister Justina Ajala

As Nigerians in the Diaspora, we may not be back home in Nigeria to join the movement but what are you doing to support the people protesting. Don’t be mute, use your hands and cause a change wherever you are.
A wind of change is moving right now, be part of the people that lend a voice don’t be silence or watch others do it.

Yes, you might not be in Nigeria now or you have dual citizenship status but remember you still have families and friends who are still back home who need this change more.

And you are a NIGERIAN FIRST.


We need to be part of the movement even though we are incapacitated to protest here according to the laws of our host country. However, we all have social medial (Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter) you can support even if you are not there physically. Some of us would have loved to be part of the protest but that shouldn’t stop us from supporting in any way.


We are the generation to make a change and difference we can no longer fold our hands. The time is NOW or we will face the consequences and our children will blame us just as we often blame our fathers.

Now is the time to join the movement, don’t let this time pass by. I just hope the youth back home will be consistent and stay focus until all the demands are met.

I believe Police reform is just one of the many demands from the government but at least the youth are woke now.


I stand and support good governance, justice, security, no to police brutality in Nigeria.


God bless Nigeria.


“#ENDSARS is not a fight against junior police officers” – RAPHAEL, Deputy Coordinator NIDO NORTH China

It is a fight against gross incompetence, incivility, inequality, nepotism and every form of impunity going on in the Nigerian Police Force and the Nigerian Government.

We demand reformation!

We demand consultations and immediate restructuring!!

We demand good governance, you either step up or resign immediately!!!

An ode to Nigeria by Hyellai T. Pona

Nigeria a home to many, and a light to nations

The glory of every citizen it used to be and a pacesetter it was previously tagged

Until the plague of bad governance and corruption took over our land.

Our glory faded away, our mindset changed, our expectations increased

But in all that we kept desiring for a change and a revolution that will restore

We cried to our leaders but we were not heard.

The people that should protect us are exploiting us.

The people that should save us instead gave us up for sacrifice.

Then arose a generation of Nigerians

That realized that power is not given, but power is taken

A generation that realised the masses had the power if only they know they do

That generation arose to take their place

It started like a joke but soon spread like a wildfire

We want a revolution, a reformation, a restructuring

We are tired of losing our glory and respect before the international audience

We are tired of being taken advantage of as Nigerians

We are tired of being tagged as “fraud” because we are Nigerians

We are tired of being at the mercy of SARS because we are young and successful

We want a nation that identifies and celebrate our success as youth without being suspicious

We want a country that believes in us and is fertile for us to spring forth

We want a nation that we can call home and be proud of before other nations

We want to be trusted as leaders of today because tomorrow belongs to our children

Nigerian Youth arise spiritually, physically and all ramifications

Let us travail until we birth the new Nigeria, we desire for us and generations yet to come

I am Hyellai and I stand in solidarity of the Nigerian Youth Protest.

“I WANT TO APPLAUD THE ORGANISERS” – Dr. Oche Barnabas, President-Elect NIDO China

The recent outward public agitations and continuous street protests by the Nigerian Youths which has been focused towards ending the related activities of the Nigerian Police brutality on citizens is a call to reestablishing orderliness in the internal security structure of the country.

I want to applaud the organisers of the movement and campaign for the #ENDSARS# and Nigerian Police Brutality. We believe this is a commendable move to assist draw the attention of our government to this dent and decay that have developed over the years within the Nigerian Police force.

The federal government is supposed to continuously strive to create an enabling environment that is devoid of crime, and I believe that was one of the critical reasons why the Special Anti-Robbery Squad – SARS was created. We must commend the recent efforts of the government in the immediate disbandment of SARS and the establishment of a committee for the reformation of the Police force. There is an urge for the government to be sincere in further implementation of the five points agenda, which has been submitted by the youths and protesters. The youths are the future of the nation, and our pains and aspirations should be highly considered in national planning.

The voice of the Nigerian youths is a voice of hope and a voice for the renewed future of Nigeria. I urge all the members of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organization – NIDO China to support the voices of the youth to shun violence and to seek for a better Nigeria which is devoid of insecurity and all forms of corruption. I also want us to give the Nigerian government a chance and renewed confidence as they have listened to these voices, and for their swift action in following the demand of the youths. Let us join our voices, actions, intellect and come together to jointly develop our nation in unity and in peace.

#ENDSARS # – End Police Brutality

Voice of the Nigerian youths

Long live Nigeria

Baba J-Pikin OF PLT Int.




“End STATE SECURITY FORCES Brutality” –Patriot Michael L.M
a.k.a De Adviser

What is man without order and good sense of belonging…

What is man without peace and hope for a bright morning…

What is man without freedom in a land he was born freely to…

What is man without care when he gladly contracted his right to caretakers called Government…

What is man without a freedom to express himself if not absolutely…

What kind of Men are in the aforementioned situation or even worse conditions..

These are Men In Bondage.
These are Men without Hope.
These are Men with a complete loss of identity.
These are men doomed for utter destruction who may never be remembered.

My grieved heart sends support and sustainability, going to all Nigerians today that have stood up and spoken for their rights, the safety and welfare of their Posterity.

I say

End Corruption

May your struggles yield utopian fruits for our Great Country… Nigeria Amen!

“Police Brutality should have no place in a civil society!” – ADEBOYE

It is an abuse of office and power, and must be condemned by ALL!




If the western world and the ‘developed nations’ are truly concerned about the plight of the common man in the 3rd world countries, they should help place a visa ban on all political and public office holders from the 3rd world countries or at most NIGERIA (Especially if they are not on a state assignment).



“We demand good governance” – COMRD. AIKAY

Government can’t be government until the people make them know that we put them there. As such, they are answerable to us! We gave them permission to lead us and not rule, maim or lord over us. The Nigerian youths have finally woken up, and it is time once again in the history of the nation to demand good governance. It’s not a plea but a demand! We demand reforms! To our brothers on ground, I am so proud of you guys and together we can!
Keep on!
Don’t give up!
Our lives matter!
Our voices must be heard!

#EndSARS #endpolicebrutality #wedemandgoodgovernance ​

“This is a critical point in the history of our great nation” – DOOWIE

We stand at a critical point in the history of our great nation. The protests started with SARS but I believe this will mark the birth of the Nigeria of our dreams. While distance will not allow my feet to touch the protest grounds, my voice will be heard via all available media.

“The happiness of Nigerian people matters immensely” – OLUWABUNMI OMOYOFUNMI

Overcoming the challenges of our environment are the milestones for outstanding Achievements- and one amongst the majors is the injustice suffered by the masses through the inhumane acts; incessant killings of our youth and innocent Nigerians. Therefore, as a concerned-patriotic Nigerian citizen, I solidly join-in support of the peaceful movement ”end SARS protest”, advocating for peace and civility in policing and insecurity challenges in our dear Nation.

End SARS – #Restructure the police force.

Nigerians are great people, their happiness matters so immensely.



“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who do nothing about it” ~ Albert Einstein.

After a long season of oppression, there must certainly come a dawn of freedom for the oppressed. To those clever clairvoyant minds and gallant generation of #Sorosoke masses who had risen against all odds to stampede the continuous unjust killing of innocent Nigerians through the ongoing #EndSars #EndPoliceBrutality, peaceful protest, History shall remain kind to you all. Because it is the eternal will of the almighty for us to be free, We Shall Overcome.

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