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Ubuntu DNA host their first Summit

Ubuntu DNA host their first Summit

Ubuntu; (noun) a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity. The values of Ubuntu emphasizes being caring, sharing and showing empathy. It follows the grounds that in order to achieve your full potential, the fostering of relationships which promotes the well-being of others is essential. Simply put, humans are better together. What a concept! and one that we would do well to practice as we go about our daily lives. Additionally, it is an extremely important business strategy that we should utilize as expats in this great country. Thankfully there is no need to go out and search for believers of Ubuntu because Jay Kaye from Uganda and his team have created the perfect hub which is the Ubuntu DNA summit.

What is the Ubuntu DNA summit?

The Ubuntu DNA summit was a conglomerate aimed at bringing together Black people living across China to facilitate their empowerment. The events main purpose was to unite Black people in China from different professions and backgrounds with the focus being on empowerment through business. This was spearheaded by a team of 6 with Jay Kaye, Kato Charles and Mutambo Edwards from Uganda, Oneka Roberts and Yvonne Lyn Fagon from Jamaica, and Tiisetso Modikeng from South Africa.

This team worked assiduously to target Black students and professionals by providing them with a space where information and opportunities were hand in hand. The event served as a guide to those currently studying in China about the process of transferring to a work visa or starting a business; and to current business professionals about the legal means of switching jobs or how to venture into other areas.

The decision to launch this event sprung from the visa challenges faced by many as well as to bring awareness to different opportunities that might be available besides teaching. The event exposed members to the relevant visa laws, requirements to working legally in China and other relevant laws.

When asked how he wanted participants and patrons to feel after the event Jay Kaye said, “We wanted our participants to go back home with a sense of hope brought by the possibilities of success elicited by the varied opportunities available to us barring the known. The liberty to choose a direction they want to pursue other than teaching and other typical routes that we normally follow.” Jay confirmed that the purpose of the event was achieved through support from Yiwu selections and SIKAI who provided necessary tools to assist with this. He then went on to mention the young entrepreneurs who took the time to share their experiences both the mistakes and best practices. As the African proverb attests “the route to a place is asked from those who have travelled it.”

Despite the remnants of Covid-19 the feedback from the event was amazingly positive. The team had anticipated participants from different provinces but due to the hassle involved in travelling that was not possible. Additionally, some students who had signed up failed to attend due to the restrictions imposed by their school. This did not deter the team however as they ensured that they notified all the relevant bureaus in Yiwu so as to guarantee a successful event. Bichara Etienne, an entrepreneur from the Caribbean island of Haiti said “The Ubuntu DNA Summit is proof that there’s a new generation of Africans rising up, understanding that the future belongs to entrepreneurs.”

What’s next for Ubuntu DNA?

The goal of the team is to expand the Ubuntu DNA across provinces in China and globally. The aim is to not only focus on the economic aspects but by providing a safe space for the black community to speak and heal with focus on the mental state. The summit was an eye-opener for most people in the black community. The stories shared were not only inspirational for the participants but also a guiding compass for those intending to do business in China.

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“The summit was a healing space for us, looking back on the effect of Covid-19 and the waves that we went through. The summit allowed us a space to reflect on how we thrived and moved through the tough times at that point in history,” said lead organizer Jay Kaye.

What the community needs to know?


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