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EVENT: Africa-China relations in motion

EVENT: Africa-China relations in motion

It’s been quite the year for Africa-China relations and by extension for Africans and people of African descent in China. If anything this year has highlighted, it’s the need to amplify the voices of those with our community who navigate these spaces.

That’s why we’re excited to partner with Young China Watchers to present Africa-China relations in motion – In conversation with Africa-China changemakers.

What is it?

As Africans and people of African descent either presently in China or with first-hand experience of China, our perspectives, voices and experiences play a crucial part in painting an accurate picture of Africa-China relations.

This event promises to highlight the voices of African changemakers whose careers, work and brands continue to redefine Africa-China relations on the ground. The panel will discuss all things from the past, present and future of Africa-China relations; Africanness in a China context; and change-making in the Africa-China space.

Who are our speakers?

Lina Ayenew Getachew

Lina Ayenew Getachew

Lina Getachew Ayenew is an author and independent consultant focused on China-Africa policy and market research. Her notable works include The Complete Beginners’ Guide to China-Africa relations.

After receiving her undergraduate and master’s degrees from Yale University, she moved to China to teach at the prestigious Xiangya Medical School through the Yale-China Teaching Fellowship. Following a corporate stint in Beijing, she began her efforts to closely study the influence of the Asian giant in her homeland, Ethiopia. Most recently, she has been working with the Ethiopian Tourism Organization (a government entity) to define Ethiopia’s tourism brand and promote it in China.

Lina is a native speaker of Amharic and English, fluent in French and highly proficient in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

Miatta Momoh

Miatta Momoh is a Co-founder and Business Development Manager at Kente & Silk. Kente & Silk is a social enterprise aiming to change the status quo of Africa-China relations and drive towards a new era of Africa-China partnerships, primarily through rebranding China in Africa; strategic advisory services; and deep-dive trips to Africa.

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Miatta holds an MBA degree from Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management.

Joseph Olivier Mendoo

Joseph Olivier Mendoo is a Cameroonian PhD candidate at Peking University. He sat on the committee for the Peking University African Students Association and was an editor for the Peking University African Think Tank. Joseph also co-founded the China-Africa Youth Federation (CAYF). His research focus includes Francophone Africa-China relations and he regularly appears on CGTN as a guest commentator on Africa-China relations.

How do you sign up?

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