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Leader of Nigerian community in China speaks out on case of assault against Chinese nurse

Leader of Nigerian community in China speaks out on case of assault against Chinese nurse

Editor’s note: Maximus Ogbonna, President of the Nigerian community in China has been active in trying to resolve the issues many have reported facing since the outbreak began. Below are his thoughts on a much spoken about the incident, written a few days ago on the 3rd.

Good day Fellow Nigerians in China. Accept the greetings from the Nigerian community in China. Today being the 3rd of April, 2020 I went to Guangzhou Eight People’s Hospital to visit one of us in the person of Mr. Okonkwonwoye Chika Patrick. As my position demands, I went to hear his own side of the story as regards the news making round the social media since yesterday being the 2nd day of April, 2020. Actually, most of us have read the news that a 47-year-old Nigerian man, named Okonkwonwoye Chika Patrick, arrived at Guangzhou, Guangdong Province from overseas on March 20, 2020 and was tested positive for coronavirus. He was sent to a hospital for treatment on March 23. However, he refused to undergo medical tests and tried to escape from his quarantine ward in a hospital. He then assaulted a nurse who tried to stop him. 

However, I spent some time with Mr Patrick and had a comprehensive dialogue with him. On the question of refusing to undergo medical tests, he told me that he’s upset and bored but I also found out that he’s emotional. On the question of assaulting a nurse who tried to stop him when he wanted to escape from his quarantine ward, he told me it wasn’t intentional. He said he bumped into the nurse when he wanted to escape. He was remorseful. After listening to him, I encouraged him to cooperate with the doctors and nurses to undergo the necessary medical tests because it’s for his own safety and public safety. I also told him it’s wrong to try to escape from his quarantine ward when he’s not formally discharged from the hospital. He was pleased with my visit and promised to heed to my brotherly advice. 

I’m aware of the challenges Nigerians are facing this time but l want to encourage all of us in China to continue to remain calm, vigilant and law-abiding where ever you are because this is a critical time not only in China but all over the world. I also wish to advise businessmen intending to come to China to hold on because most factories and businesses have not normalized yet. But what l am positive of is that we live in a country where the government pays so much importance to its citizens and foreigners too. One thing is for sure that, l can guarantee the authenticity of this government containing the virus in all its forms. However, the government will also need a little contribution from each and every one of us. By being health ambassadors to your own very self, keep updated from the news and follow simple health instructions to avoid the virus. 

Finally, it is still best to stay indoors and avoid going to bars, cinemas and other crowded areas if you have no urgent need of going to these mentioned places. It is very important to wear masks and use hand sanitizer to wash hands. The videos below will buttress all I’ve penned down. 

Thanks all. I’m Mr Maximus Ogbonna. The President of the Nigerian Community in China.

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