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A Students’ Peek into Coronavirus Safety at Chinese Universities

A Students’ Peek into Coronavirus Safety at Chinese Universities

Foreign students from different universities across China are showing a good base mutual understanding, cooperation and sending messages of support to China and Wuhan in particular by being creative, using talent and composure to be part of the battle against Coronavirus. I conducted a mini-research project to find out about the arrangement taken by local universities on temperature checking and what health parameters are being considered by them. For this purpose, I carried out research sampling procedures and data collection methods which brought me to the following findings and inferences:

1. With the use of a digital thermometer and regular temperature checks, most universities have made it possible to closely monitor dormitory students for early symptoms of Coronavirus.

2. The health measures advised are for students to wear masks every time they have their temperature checked and that if they record 37-39 degrees Celsius body temperature they will be considered as having a fever.

3. Most universities use their dormitory personnel to carry out this responsibility and have not asked students to check other students.

4. This common routine takes place twice a day at different time intervals.

5. The quarantine/incubation period could be extended from 14 days to 24 days if need be.

6. The World Health Organization has renamed the novel Coronavirus from the initial 2019nCov to CoViD-19. The “co” stands for “corona”, “vi” for “virus” and “d” for “disease”, while “19” was for the year, as the outbreak was first identified on December 31.

This mini-research project was conducted in partial fulfilment of my scholarly articles and presented to university management as data.

They said it takes 21 days for you to form a new habit. The prolonged holiday has coincided with so many logistical issues that we have to adjust to a different living style and make good habits out of it.

As a student trustee member of our Namibian Student Association in China (NSAC), I have then requested to incorporate the work and effort of fellow compatriots in the diaspora in our quest to render support messages and show the African spirit of Ubuntu to China and Wuhan in particular. This is the artwork and letters of support by our students.


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