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Life on Lockdown: ‘customers are immensely supportive’, Robert

Life on Lockdown: ‘customers are immensely supportive’, Robert

The Coronavirus lockdown isn’t easy on anyone… But in this series, we take a look at the positive ways in which some across the community are spending their time on lockdown. Let’s continue to keep those affected by the Coronavirus most in our thoughts.

Robert Joseph, Ghana, Guangzhou

My message to China and everyone affected by the lockdown is “China will surely bounce back. Everything will be fine, and everything will be back to normal and very soon. I have great hope in China’s ability to overcome this period. Many would argue the opposite, but I urge everyone to stay optimistic that this will soon be history.”

“Without a doubt, this virus has had an impact on so many people and businesses. It’s really sad, but we should all stay strong and be at the same time glad to be in one of the most powerful countries in the world.”

“Stay safe and take good care of yourself. The clock is always ticking, and tough situations don’t last, tough people do. #StayStrongChina #WUHANJIAYOU!”

Robert Joseph is an entrepreneur and founder of Modern Gem Jewelry. His company has been in the business of crafting bespoke jewellery and selling gemstones since 2016. For more than three years his artisans have been fashioning 18K Gold, Platinum, natural Diamonds, natural Rubies and many other precious stones into exquisite wearable works of art using vintage techniques that are the hallmark of exquisite jewellery design and manufacturing. At Modern Gem Jewelry, designs are inspired by you and made by us.

Read Modern Gem Jewelry’s full story below

For thousands of years, jewellery has been a part of human culture – a universal form of adornment that has symbolized accomplishments, personality, style and love. At Modern Gem Jewelry, we are extremely passionate about what we do, and we believe jewellery should be as unique as the moments, memories and people that inspire it. Not something off a shelf, out of a catalogue, or that’s been sitting in the case. It’s something that should be created just for you.

I have always loved gemstones, ever since I was a little boy. My grandfather loved collecting gems. He worked in the mines and travelled a lot in his day and every time he came back, he always had these little beautiful coloured rocks (I used to call them), and he would tell me their names and where he got them from. Over the years, I studied more and more about gemstones and eventually jewellery. The more I learnt and explored, the more I realized there was a need for diversity in premium yet affordable jewellery.

As fate would have it, I, and a team of investors, set about creating the solution — limitless options of “pocket-friendly” fine jewellery accessible at the click of a button. In a short while, the brand Modern Gem Jewelry became a recurring feature in many happily-ever-afters around the world and today is dedicated to producing the finest of jewellery, smelted with love.

We have over 300 species and varieties of ethically sourced natural gemstones, in every shape, colour and size, giving our clients a wide range to choose. We give our clients the freedom to make any piece they desire, and all they need to do is send as an image or give us a brief of what they want, and we make it.

Each piece is unique, everyone is different in style and desire, and your piece should reflect that it should depict who you are. We want our clients to feel special, unique and outstanding and that is always paired with a touch of luxury.

Regarding the lockdown, outside of Wuhan, life for the everyday resident is still relatively bearable. The lockdown is not as severe as it is for our brothers and sisters in Wuhan and our thoughts and prayers are with them. However, the Coronavirus lockdowns’ impact on businesses, both small and large has been grave.

Many businesses are incurring substantial losses, and we are no exception. This is even worse for most retail and trade businesses like ours. Sales are dropping week after week while the bills stay constant or in some cases are increased. From tax to insurance and salaries, businesses of all sizes are feeling the impact of the lockdown across the country. As a result, we’ve had to let go of a few of our staff to sustain the business through this tough time.

For us, the biggest impact of the lockdown is on our manufacturing outfit. Our designers are still at it doing their best to get their work done from home, and the same goes for our marketing patrons, but our artisans have it worst. They need their desks and tools and their workspaces to feed life into the brilliant work of our designers. Without them behind their stations, our entire pipeline is delayed.

God is so good, and our clients are understanding of the situation and remain patient as we slowly get back on our grind. They’ve been immensely supportive, and their patience is out of this world. There will be a lot of pressure on our remaining staff to weather through this storm and see us through to the end, and it is our prayer that the situation is resolved soon.

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