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Life on Lockdown: Shared Sistahood

Life on Lockdown: Shared Sistahood

The Coronavirus lockdown isn’t easy on anyone… But in this series, we take a look at the positive ways in which some across the community are spending their time on lockdown. Let’s continue to keep those affected by the Coronavirus most in our thoughts.

Kristie Baiden, Ghana, Beijing
My message to China and everyone affected by the lockdown is “I strongly believe in the spirit of Ubuntu. Together we can overcome every obstacle no matter how dire it is. We all need to have a positive outlook despite the grim reality we are faced with. I’m optimistic about everything, so I believe China will come out of this stronger.”

“To all of us affected by this lockdown, especially those in Wuhan, I say, we are stronger than we think. This lockdown won’t break us. Let’s get creative and utilise this time judiciously. Work on your goals, learn something new, read books, watch movies, communicate with friends and family. Don’t be too idle and get into mischief.”

Kristie is an entrepreneur and founder of haircare line and community organisation HairFantasy. The HairFantasy group is a platform that has a strong sense of shared sistahood. So many friendships have been forged. At HairFantasty, women acknowledge and celebrate one another.

“Everyone has a way of dealing with Coronavirus”, she says. “Some are pessimistic and look at the gloomy aspect of the situation. At HairFantasy, we look at things from an optimistic point of view. Yes, we see and read all that’s going on, but we don’t let that dampen our spirit. We pray and hope to come out stronger after everything settles down.”

“I will say this lockdown has helped us connect more as sistas. We share books, ideas, jokes, and so many things. Sitting at home all day can be very boring if you have nothing to do or no one to keep you company. HairFantasy, as a community tries to bring sistas together. Though we are miles apart, we are connected by our shared sistahood. Why feel bored or lonely when you have a community eager to positively engage with you?”

Read HairFantasy’s full story below

HairFantasy is a haircare brand dedicated to serving melanin sistas with hair products, accessories, tips and many more, says the Ghanaian founder Kristie.

HairFantasy’s concept was conceived about four years ago when I arrived in China from Ghana and found it difficult to find a hairdresser or even products for my hair. The texture of braiding extensions here was way different from those at home. My hair started to react badly to the change of environment. It was in this chaos that HairFantasy was conceived. I watched tons of YouTube videos and became a self-proclaimed hairstylist doing my hair and that of very close friends. HairFantasy itself was born in June 2018. We believe selling hair products and accessories are good but serving our community is greater.

HairFantasy has gradually developed into a community and space for sistas to just be themselves. We’ve created a list of hairstylists in various cities across China to enable sistas to get easy hair care in their respective cities. The main objective of HairFantasy is to create a space where sistas can connect, share, grow and glow. We currently have two WeChat groups with over 800 melanin queens.

We have our Sista Corner talk where we discuss a wide range of topics from hair to business to relationships. Members send in their questions, and we find resource personnel to lead the discussions. They are fun, interactive and very educative.

HairFantasy because…
I want Sistas to feel comfortable wearing their own hair.
I want Sistas to not ALWAYS hide their hair under wigs and braids.
I want Sistas to have a platform where they can freely discuss everything about ‘our’ hair.
I want to help Sistas easily get access to a hairstylist in their respective cities in China.
I want Sistas to get access to quality and affordable hair products and accessories.
Above all, I want Sistas to feel the love and support of a community.

Hey sista! What are you waiting for?
Come join HairFantasy and be part of our sistahood.
You can connect with us on Instagram @hairfantasy.hf and on WeChat ID HairFantasy.

Jia you Wuhan!
Jia you China!
Jia you HairFantasy!

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