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SchoolBiz Forums: EdTech that brings students together

SchoolBiz Forums: EdTech that brings students together

Students, teachers and universities alike are looking towards digital solutions to solve some of the pressing demands on education in developing countries. This is where e-learning comes in as a trusted tool for life-long learning. With Chinese universities still on lockdown due to Coronavirus there has been an uptake in web and WeChat based classes.

Growing online student community and social learning platform SchoolBiz Forums is a much-needed tool for schools and universities in Tanzania and China. It was founded in 2016 by Kizwalo Simbila, a Tanzanian leader and entrepreneur who is passionate about youth development and thrives in raising young people in leadership. It exists for every student to use and support each other – whatever their background through education, life around learning, all the way through to careers. They are given opportunities to discuss and share different ideas together because so that they can learn from one other.

This is their story.

Kizwalo, what inspired you to start SchoolBiz Forums?

At SchoolBiz Forums we seek to improve African education. We believe that this transformation lies in the hands and minds of studious youngsters with the desire to move lives toward prosperity and achievement.

What differentiates SchoolBiz from other e-learning platforms?

SchoolBiz Forums is unlike any other forums you will come across! Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic advance in information and communication technologies (ICT) infrastructure in Tanzania. In fact, Tanzania is a growing country with new startups rising to their feet. Schoolbiz Forums is one of its kind with a new idea that can help and support students in Tanzania and China. We are taking part of being a change and make improvement in the e-learning market in Tanzania.

To date, SchoolBiz is located in Tanzania and China, why were those two locations selected?

Tanzania and China were chosen because of the network and connection of the people we have. One of our goals is connecting Chinese and African students no matter their differences because we believe they can learn something from each other. But still, we will be moving slow with other countries in time and go global.

What is your proudest accomplishment to date?

We started with a website at first and we accomplished having our own mobile applications for easy access to the platform. In the year 2019-2020 we were appointed as a Country Manager of China-Africa Bridge Cross-Border Trade Service platform representing Tanzania.

What role does advanced education play in the economic growth of developing countries like China and Tanzania?

It raises student’s productivity and creativity and promotes entrepreneurship and technological advances in the country. That’s how development takes place and people create a better life for tomorrow.


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