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Life on Lockdown: Online Int. Business Corner for Entrepreneurs

Life on Lockdown: Online Int. Business Corner for Entrepreneurs

The Coronavirus lockdown isn’t easy on anyone… But in this series, we take a look at the positive ways in which some across the community are spending their time on lockdown. Let’s continue to keep those affected by the Coronavirus most in our thoughts.

Rice I. Kajila, DR Congo, Wuhan
My message to China and everyone affected by the lockdown is “China Jiayou! The Sun will soon rise and usher us into a new level of opportunities to thrive, so be prepared!”

Rice is an entrepreneur and PhD candidate in Renewable Energy who has been living in Wuhan for 10 years now. In some ways the lockdown has benefitted his business, giving him time to chart out its next steps.

“Our company Obtc Co., Ltd has multiple services; the most affected by the lockdown is our international logistics service, which depends entirely on the movement of people and goods. Besides that, the lockdown has helped us to figure out how to keep training people through our company’s International Business Corner series, which is currently taking training on Branding Strategy offered by Dephlex Creatives online. On another note, the lockdown has given us enough time to plan and strategize all the work ahead of us that we couldn’t have done if always in busy movements especially in regard to getting knowledge about branding.”

Read Rice’s full story below

My journey into business started with the single desire to own my own company after witnessing three of my former managers building their businesses from scratch and having me around them as a Consultant, Assistant Manager, and Sales Supervisor.

Our company started the entrepreneurship training in 2017, and last year we gave it a unique name called: ‘International Business Corner (IBC)’. This name is to line it up with our motto, which is “to awaken and develop the entrepreneurship mindset.” Our classes are a direct response to the needs of our audience, of which we focus on two types:
1 – Business owners
2 – Young entrepreneurs

We train them to build solid foundations for their businesses and therefore make them soar on high. Our mission and vision are to back your business ideas and projects with professional training. Prosperous nations and countries are those where entrepreneurs are thriving and in great numbers. We want to incubate your ideas and walk with you in your entrepreneurship journey.

I didn’t know much about branding since my knowledge about business was limited to knowing all that there is about entrepreneurship and training others into becoming one. It wasn’t until last June when one of the participants to our company’s International Business Corner (IBC) approached me and wanted to retail a product from China into his country’s market that we suggested the idea of simply coming up with our brand rather than retailing other companies. Therefore, the need to learn about branding became a major need before we could launch anything into the market. It took a while until we got in touch with Mr Kwame, who is the Brand Strategist from Dephlex Creatives who agreed to take us into the knowledge of how to build a brand.

This is so important to myself as a young entrepreneur, I am definitely building something enormous, and I can’t reach my goals without the classes we organize and take part in. All topics on our yearly calendar are first of all important to ourselves as a team, that’s why we’re always in search for experts in town to be our Advisors and Partners. It’s a journey.

“We are everywhere where the word “Entrepreneur” is being mentioned, especially in Wuhan.”

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