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Meet the model-turned-photographer showcasing Black Beauty in China

Meet the model-turned-photographer showcasing Black Beauty in China

Jvisse is a Congolese model and photographer currently based in Guangzhou. Having come to China just 4 years ago, the creative has made a name for himself across the country and beyond!

Read on to find out more about his work and why he’s on a mission to put Black beauty on display!

Can you tell us a bit about you and how you became a photographer?

Well I started off as a model, but I was always curious about what was going on behind the camera, on the other side of things, so I started taking photos and a lot of my friends liked them so I thought – let me try it myself. I was also lucky enough to learn from some of my Chinese friends who were already in the industry.

Your photos of South Sudanese model Eva have gone viral! How did you start working together?

Eva’s a really good friend of mine – we’ve been working together for a long time now, during fashion shows etc. She was actually one of the main people to tell me to buy a camera. We’ve worked together during an Adidas show in Xiamen and our first job was an art shooting – that was the real start of our friendship. When I started to take pictures I just knew I had to capture her.

Why was it important for you to showcase Black beauty in your work?As an African, I love taking pictures that portray beauty…for me they represent everything. I love taking pictures of everyone…but when I take pictures of Black beauty…even the community in general, but especially of African woman it gives me inspiration…it reminds me of the pride I have in being an African and who I am. That’s because it’s my culture – I’m proud to be from Africa and this is one way in which I show it. I’ve worked with some fantastic models of African descent – Taz, Jessy and Selma have all been amazing to work with.

As for Eva…she’s one of the best models to showcase the full depth of Black beauty. The shoot I did with her produced photos which have to be the most beautiful photos I’ve ever taken.

Many young Africans will be inspired by your work – do you have any advice for young Africans in China who want to follow in your footsteps?

Be focused…as long as you’re good at what you do, be focused and commit. Keep learning and don’t give up, but do learn from your mistakes. I was doing modelling at first and now I’m doing photography and several other things. When I first started I faced rejection, challenges, etc. But I didn’t give up. Be prepared to work hard too – Its 1 am and I’m not sleeping any time soon haha.

China has given me a lot of opportunities – if you’re ready to put in the work China will give you anything you desire.

You are Congolese and French – what role does your culture play in your photography?

I’m mostly affected by the Congolese part of my culture – as I said, I like to portray Black beauty. I know where I came from and I’m trying to recreate much of it in my work. I’m actually working on something huge to do with both Congo and France, but I’ll let that be a surprise!

What can we expect from you in the future and how can we stay up to date with your activities?

My YouTube channel is kicking off now – I just posted my first video last week. I can’t say too much just yet but stay tuned. I’m really excited about what’s next and looking forward to making the community proud.

To keep up with Jvisse, find him online:

Instagram: @jvisseuniversstudio / @opfou

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