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In the words of : Walter Anthony Rodney

In the words of : Walter Anthony Rodney

As the inspiration behind Black Livity China, the legendary Pan-African Walter Anthony Rodney is the first to be featured in our Livity Life Lessons series, bringing powerful quotes on unity, pride, and empowerment from the greats across our global community.

Born on the 23 March 1942, Walter Anthony Rodney was an intellectual and scholar, as well as one of the most influential Pan-African thinkers of his time. Originally from the South American country of Guyana, he made it his mission to connect struggles against colonialism and racial oppression across the black world. In 1972 he published How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, a text that would become perhaps the most commonly cited book on the developmental damage caused by slavery and subsequent colonialism.

His life was taken aged 38, one month after returning from celebrations during Zimbabwean independence, however, his legacy lives on as a reminder of the work yet to be done, and the interconnected struggles that we share as both members of the diaspora and Africans directly from the continent.


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Did you know that in 2017 Professor Li Anshan of Peking University translated Rodney’s ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa’ into Chinese? 

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