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China Through My Eyes: Black Superheroes living double lives

China Through My Eyes: Black Superheroes living double lives

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of China is ‘action’.

State-owned Chinese media outlet ChinAfrica is hosting the first ChinAfrica Short Video Competition in conjunction with Beijing Review with the aim of enhancing mutual understanding between African and Chinese youth. Winners are determined by popular vote, so don’t forget to cast yours before 3rd Nov! (Details below)

Motivated by a creative spirit and energised by the liveliness of China’s Black communities, I produced a 3-minute video for the competition on its theme “China Through My Eyes” telling my story of life in China as an entrepreneurial Nigerian-American.

Click here to watch the video and walk with me through Beijing.

Here is my story. I came to Beijing in 2017 to continue my career as an educator and currently teach at an elementary school here. I am an elementary teacher by day, and start-up entrepreneur by night. Since coming to China, I have discovered this duality to be quite common amongst the student and working population here. Black people in China are like superheroes living double lives. In our communities, I have met photographers who are biochemist, students who are entrepreneurs, and researchers who double as bakers.

This phenomenon is what inspired me to start my own business, ‘What’s Good Beijing?’ in March 2018.

When I first came to Beijing, the primary way I met people was through events. These amazing events were often created by people in the Black and African community and I felt too few people were aware of them.

I created the What’s Good Beijing? platform and magazine to solve this issue of visibility and to make it easier for foreigners to see and engage with what is happening here.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but it was herein China that I was able to solidify my identity as a business owner.

Policies like One Belt One Road have created an encouraging environment for African entrepreneurs like myself to flourish.

With my company focusing on event promotion and visual media I have found that China’s unique integration of QR codes and social networking titans like WeChat have become critical pieces to my business model.

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Although being an African female entrepreneur isn’t always easy, I’ve met so many successful women here in China that I’ve made it part of my mission to celebrate the contributions they make.

Through my startup, I visualize the “action” here in Beijing for my audience.

Because if you can see what’s happening, you too might be inspired to act.

Like what you saw? Vote using the QR code below until 23:59 pm of November 3rd 2019!

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