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Scholarship launches for Black Students in China

Scholarship launches for Black Students in China

Studying away from home comes with a variety of changes and challenges. It’s a life altering period where you meet new cultures and have to adapt to new standards.

The first-ever Zuula scholarship, a collaboration between China-based Black-owned business Deco Drive and popular Beijing-based Ugandan artist James Sserwadda, aims to support the efforts of one such student striving towards academic success whilst studying abroad.

Deco Drive and James Sserwadda joined forces to craft and deliver the first-ever Zuula scholarship, and together they hope that the scholarship will show that we, as a community, are unified and do indeed work together to support one another.

Black Livity China spoke to Deco Drive and James Sserwadda to find out more about the inspiration behind Zuula and their hopes for its future.

Read on and listen to the excerpt below to hear their thoughts!

Why Zuula?

‘Students often face a number of obstacles and distractions during their studies’, states James:

“Challenges can range from having enough food, getting the necessary books for class, or maintaining their physical and mental health. Pursing a degree and being away from home and family comes with so many needs and requirements to fulfill, and sometimes it just gets hard to keep up.”

‘That’, James continues, ‘is where the Zuula Scholarship comes in – as a way to ease some of the burden students carry.’Having studied abroad previously himself, James fervently believes that students should be able to focus on what matters most:

“the need to attain knowledge and skills while in their host country and figuring out how to best leverage their experience when they graduate and return home

So what’s next?

This is just the beginning for Zuula scholarship and its mission – Deco Drive have already announced a Spring scholarship – making Zuula a biannual offering – after the overwhelming response to the first scholarship and James sees space for further projects that reach beyond China and back to our own countries of origin:

Being part of bringing the Zuula scholarship to life is a part of a larger dream I have, one that helps not only students in China but also school children at home in Uganda. So for me, this marks the start of what I hope to be a fruitful and impactful journey. I am happy that I can share the love and am grateful for the support we have received from the community in response to the Zuula scholarship

Substantial contributions to the scholarship fund were made by three members of the community, (Aliki Jean-Watson Jones, Karla Gurley and Shanghai Congruous Business Consulting Co), symbolic of the fact that it really does take a village.
‘As an artist each artpiece of positive feedback keeps me going and fuels more creation’, says James, speaking of his drive to continue being part of movements to support and uplift across the community. ‘…I’m looking forward to bringing more opportunities to help deserving students discover their potential and build and grow their dreams’.
To find out more about the Zuula scholarship email the team at:

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