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Seven Days of Andinet: 7 Seconds with Tianmi Bakery

Seven Days of Andinet: 7 Seconds with Tianmi Bakery

Day 4 of Seven Days of Andinet kicks off with the cookery Queen behind Tianmi Bakery! You might also recognise her from some of Black China’s favourite events too!

In honour of Andinet Directory™ and the amazing creators it lists, Black Livity China took 7 seconds to interview Tianmi Bakery’s Olivia Nadine.

Why did you start your brand?

I started Tianmi to fulfil my own sweet tooth cravings. After searching for dessert, I couldn’t find any that met my standards and started baking.

What one thing would you like people to know about your business?

One thing that people should know about Tianmi is that is it a great way to break the ice. Nothing makes a first impression quite like hot and delicious cinnamon rolls.

Celebrate yourself – tell us a bit about your achievements since starting your brand

One of my proudest accomplishments is hosting dinners at Hatchery and selling out Thanksgiving dinner in November. It was great to not only create a menu that reminded me of home but also create a space for community and conversation in such a busy and sometimes disconnected city.

What’s next for you/your brand?

I have a dinner coming up on at Orchid Lodge on April 28th. I am also looking to increase the catering and hopefully have my own place one day soon.

If you weren’t from the USA, where else in the continent or African diaspora would you come from?

Probably Uganda because I’ve met and connected with so many cool Ugandans both before and during my time in China

With Andinet meaning Unity, what has been the best example of unity in your community that you’ve seen in China?


Why are you a part of Andinet Directory™?

I’ve been a part of it from the start, so I am glad to be a part of it for its official launch

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