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Seven Days of Andinet: 7 seconds with Ohemaa’s World

Seven Days of Andinet is well under way and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon! Keeping up the positive vibes, we’re celebrating yet another talented woman in our community! 

She goes by the name of Esther, but most people simply know her as Ohemaa! In this short interview, Black Livity China gets to know all about her journey, her interests and why she’s joined Andinet Directory™, China’s Directory for all things Black!

Why did you start your brand?

OHEMAA’S WORLD started in March 2017 out of my passion for fashion and innate creativity for designing simple but sophisticated and elegant clothing and accessories. Inspired by my Ghanaian Heritage and traditions I have a vision of projecting these values through Fashion.


What one thing would you like people to know about your business?  

I taught myself how to sew and bring my designs to life few months after launching my brand…I hand sewed the first two accessories I started with and invested in a sewing machine couple of months later…I was so excited that I spent the night learning how to use the sewing machine when it arrived…It’s being a learning process and it still is.
Celebrate yourself – Tell us a bit about your achievements since starting your brand?

Being given the privilege by my clients to create elegant outfits for them everyday is in itself a great achievement. I always do a little happy dance when I get clients’ feedback and pictures. I’m thankful for each and every client that owns an Ohemaa’s World piece! That piece was made with so much LOVE!

What’s next for you/your brand?

To expand in terms of brand reach. I aim to be a household name when it comes to African Inspired Fashion. Aside creating Custom/Bespoke pieces, in future, I would want to have a Ready-To-Wear line where clients get to purchase the same pieces made with love anywhere they might be in the world.
If you weren’t from the country you are from, where else in the continent or African diaspora would you come from and why?

If I had my way I would have a piece of every African country in my DNA because of the uniqueness and diversity in culture.

With Andinet meaning unity, What has been the best example of Unity in your community that you’ve seen in China?

I will use BlackEXPO as an example as I’ve been part thrice and counting. BlackEXPO brings together the black community including its businesses, talents and services under one roof to celebrate the unity in diversity. The love and support is impeccable!

Why are you a part of Andinet Directory™?

Andinet Directory™ stands for unity, a platform where you can find all skilled individuals, businesses and groups across China. It’s easily accessible to people in China and across the world and I’m proud to be listed!


Did you know that Andinet Directory™ was developed by Dephlex Creatives?

Dephlex Creatives are a creative agency passionate to provide awesome and affordable digital solutions through a unique partner experience, helping their committed partners to succeed online. All of which is fancy talk for “We provide strategy, branding, design, development and marketing services.” 

What do you think?

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Written by Black Livity China

Guyanese scholar, activist and author of ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa’ Walter Rodney once tasked those who consider themselves Pan-Africanists with three main responsibilities. ‘To talk about Pan-Africanism’, he tells us, ‘is to talk about international solidarity within the black world…whichever sector of the black world we live in, we have a series of responsibilities. One of the most important is to define our own situation. A second responsibility is to present that definition to the other parts of the black world…A third responsibility…is to help others in a different section of the black world to reflect on their own specific experience’.
Rodney reminds us that open communication between black communities across the world is crucial to the Pan-African vision, and furthermore that we should not allow ourselves to be limited by borders and geographical confines. We should be reminded that the movement does, and indeed always has transcended these things.
Whether or not we decide to subscribe to the principles of Pan-Africanism, they can serve as an important reminder and lesson that we can take and apply to our own predicament as black people both in China and on a wider scale across the world.
Black Livity China was created with the belief that we should extend these responsibilities to ourselves and our communities; ‘to define our own situation…to present that definition to the other parts of the black world…and to help others in a different section of the black world to reflect on their own specific experience’. 

Black Livity China is a media platform that aims to showcase matters relating to the lives, wellbeing and overall experiences of black people either inside China or in relation to China and her people for the benefit of our global community.

This is an effort initiated by members of our community; by us, for us


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