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Seven Days of Andinet: 7 Seconds with Nuobelle

Seven Days of Andinet: 7 Seconds with Nuobelle

In celebration of Andinet Directory™, China’s directory for all things black and the awesome talent listed in it, Black Livity China has been partnering with some awesome brands for a series of giveaways!!

Today’s giveaways are hosted by Nuobelle, a beauty brand which focuses on black hair and skin, creating products which are all-natural for all hair and skin types.

Black Livity China sat down with the founder of Nuobelle, Anita Nuo-ire Tinubo Maala to find out more about her brand.

Read on to find out more!

Why did you start your brand?

It has been a struggle over the years for the black community in China to find the right beauty products that work for them mainly because Chinese products are not made to suit us. I had to remedy the problem and thus Nuobelle was born.

What one thing would you like people to know about your brand?

80% of the raw materials are sourced from the motherland (Ghana). All our products are handmade, tailored to fit your needs.

Celebrate Yourself! – Tell us a bit about your achievements since starting Nuobelle 

It’s been merely a year and a half since our inception; Nuobelle commenced with two products but currently boasts of eleven products which have all gained so much popularity among the black community and with more in the pipeline.

What’s next for you and your brand?

Nuobelle was created for the black community in china. We now seek to expand our market based and increase exposure. It is time for the rest of the world to experience Nuobelle.

If you weren’t from the country you are from, where else on the motherland or in the African diaspora would you come from and why?

I’d be South African because I experienced South Africa a lot through television and this has endeared me to their rich culture and history. In addition, SA is a nation that has great tourism potential notably the wildlife. It’s, therefore, a place I yearn to be.

With Andinet meaning unity, what has been the best example of unity in your community that you’ve seen in China?

BlackEXPO is unity personified. The maiden edition was held in Beijing in 2018. BlackEXPO has been more than a market with its captivating performances including poetry, art and dance to its effervescent cosmopolitan crowd. It has really been a true sign of unity among the black community in Beijing and Shanghai.

Why are you a part of Andinet Directory™?

Andinet Directory™ is pure brilliance, exactly what the black community need right now, a platform to introduce black businesses, organisations and individuals. Nuobelle seeking to increase its exposure will certainly want to be a part of this initiative.


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