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Introducing Andinet Directory™

Introducing Andinet Directory™

In March 2018 Black Livity China released ‘From Ideas to implementation: Group Economics for a growing Black China‘, exploring ways in which black organisations can build stronger economic ties and overcome , building on the work of organisations such as Pan-Africans Today in Xiamen, Black X in Shanghai and BlackEXPO in Beijing.


At the end of the piece we mentioned our intention to build a directory spanning the whole of China and showcasing black excellence primarily in the form of Black businesses.


What started off as a small idea eventually spawned into Andinet Directory™, proudly powered by Black Livity China and supported by OPOPO!

Andinet is an ambitious non-profit web and WeChat-based directory no longer limited to showcasing businesses, but also areas as diverse as musical talent, organizations of benefit to the community, authors, and those providing services to the community- plus much much more!

With the help of the community at large, we’ve been able to build Andinet Directory™ to include over 100 listings, over 18 cities and to include Hong Kong thanks to our partnership with Hong Kong-based Black Hongkies!

Stay tuned for more info on Andinet Directory™ ahead of our official launch!


If you’re a business, organisation, group or skilled individual (photographer, DJ, etc. and are not yet listed, don’t worry – reach out to us today or wait til the launch to get listed! Once we launch, you’ll be able to create your own free account, create a listing and get it up and running in no time!



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