Introducing Andinet Directory™

China’s 1st directory for all things black!

In March 2018 Black Livity China released ‘From Ideas to implementation: Group Economics for a growing Black China‘, exploring ways in which black organisations can build stronger economic ties and overcome , building on the work of organisations such as Pan-Africans Today in Xiamen, Black X in Shanghai and BlackEXPO in Beijing.


At the end of the piece we mentioned our intention to build a directory spanning the whole of China and showcasing black excellence primarily in the form of Black businesses.


What started off as a small idea eventually spawned into Andinet Directory™, proudly powered by Black Livity China and supported by OPOPO!

Andinet is an ambitious non-profit web and WeChat-based directory no longer limited to showcasing businesses, but also areas as diverse as musical talent, organizations of benefit to the community, authors, and those providing services to the community- plus much much more!

With the help of the community at large, we’ve been able to build Andinet Directory™ to include over 100 listings, over 18 cities and to include Hong Kong thanks to our partnership with Hong Kong-based Black Hongkies!

Stay tuned for more info on Andinet Directory™ ahead of our official launch!


If you’re a business, organisation, group or skilled individual (photographer, DJ, etc. and are not yet listed, don’t worry – reach out to us today or wait til the launch to get listed! Once we launch, you’ll be able to create your own free account, create a listing and get it up and running in no time!


What do you think?

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Written by Black Livity China

Guyanese scholar, activist and author of ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa’ Walter Rodney once tasked those who consider themselves Pan-Africanists with three main responsibilities. ‘To talk about Pan-Africanism’, he tells us, ‘is to talk about international solidarity within the black world…whichever sector of the black world we live in, we have a series of responsibilities. One of the most important is to define our own situation. A second responsibility is to present that definition to the other parts of the black world…A third responsibility…is to help others in a different section of the black world to reflect on their own specific experience’.
Rodney reminds us that open communication between black communities across the world is crucial to the Pan-African vision, and furthermore that we should not allow ourselves to be limited by borders and geographical confines. We should be reminded that the movement does, and indeed always has transcended these things.
Whether or not we decide to subscribe to the principles of Pan-Africanism, they can serve as an important reminder and lesson that we can take and apply to our own predicament as black people both in China and on a wider scale across the world.
Black Livity China was created with the belief that we should extend these responsibilities to ourselves and our communities; ‘to define our own situation…to present that definition to the other parts of the black world…and to help others in a different section of the black world to reflect on their own specific experience’. 

Black Livity China is a media platform that aims to showcase matters relating to the lives, wellbeing and overall experiences of black people either inside China or in relation to China and her people for the benefit of our global community.

This is an effort initiated by members of our community; by us, for us


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